Affordable Private Organic Chemistry Tutoring at

Colorado State University, Fort Collins and  University of Colorado, Boulder

CSU Fort Collins: CHEM 245, CHEM 341 and CHEM 343

CU Boulder: CHEM 3311 and CHEM 3331

Update: All CSU classes for Fall 2021 are online.  Taking OChem online is even more challenging!  I am offering virtual tutoring through Zoom conferencing for $40/hour.  Don't wait until you fall behind...contact me now!

Are you trying to get an A in Organic Chemistry or are you just hoping to pass the class?  Let me help you reach your goal!!!  Organic chemistry isn’t always fun for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be torture.  I can help you significantly raise your grade.  You just might end up enjoying the class more!

Adult Students


Email Jen at ochemjen@gmail.com or text                   (970) 775-4252 to schedule an appointment!  The charge for a one hour private session is $40.



I have a PhD in Organic Chemistry and over 13 years of tutoring and teaching experience. While I am qualified to teach at the university level, tutoring allows me to spend more time at home with my three young children.  I have built strong working relationships with the Departments of Chemistry at CSU and CU, and I know exactly what material to cover for each course.  I have a true passion for teaching Organic Chemistry and for helping you get the grade you want!



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Student Writing

Bailey Kuechenmeister

"Jen was my tutor for Organic Chemistry 341 and 343 and she helped me excel in both of these courses. We would meet in the library on campus and work through problems in the text book together as well as any problems from class. Her thorough understanding of the subject made it easy for her to explain concepts in a clear manner and she has great study tricks/tips. The time I spent with Jen not only helped me do well in the classes, but also gave me an in depth understanding of the subject for my future endeavors. I highly recommend her tutoring services for any student looking to be successful in a tough subject. "


                      "I hired Jennifer to tutor me for my                                second semester of Organic Chemistry                        and it was the best decision I ever made                        for the class. The class is very hard                                  because of the concepts and tests but                          Jennifer is an expert at teaching all types of students and explaining things in a way that make sense so that you can succeed. The way she tutors is very different and she makes you write everything out which is the best way to learn for this class. I went from getting the lowest test grades of the semester to getting the highest on the final test and having the confidence to do well in the class and get my goal grade, thanks to Jennifer. Hire her early in the semester and stick with her! She is one of the best tutors I have ever had."

Kristen Pokorny

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